Scylla’s Coffee Bar | Ministry of Defence

Café space for all

With a new accommodation arrangement within the naval base, the client identified the need for a relaxed communal café space to be used by all ranks. We were asked to design a space where naval personnel could meet for a chat or spend time alone to relax. The purpose was to provide a quiet respite from work and an alternative to spending time in single-occupancy rooms.

The designated space was a former, unloved sports hall. The room was divided in two to accommodate the cafe and retain an activity space for archery and indoor bowls. There was an existing coffee service area but the intention was to extend the café space and encourage more people to use the service.

Typical of a sports hall, the room had very high ceilings, not conducive to an intimate social space. Working with a local joinery workshop, we designed and installed pergola-like structures to transform the room. Thereby, creating cosy seating areas, whilst not changing structural elements of the building, which would have involved extensive new infrastructure including lighting and fire detection.

Scylla's Coffee Bar - Comfortable High-back Armchairs | Yellow
Scylla's Coffee Bar | Yellow