Beretta St James's Interior

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Beretta St James’s & Harrods

Established in 1526, Italian firearms manufacturer, Beretta has nine flagship ‘galleries’ across the world. We were approached by them to produce a scheme for the London gallery in St James’s.

Working within the world’s most famous department store offers a fresh set of challenges for any designer. Due to changes at the store, the Beretta concession was moved three times in three years. Each time shop fitting and joinery needed to be altered to suit the new, albeit temporary, space.

Harrods dictated the styling and provided a design guide which meant the traditional look was not possible and therefore conflicted with the Beretta look.  We settled on a contemporary look using the grey oak veneer that ran through the department in Harrods and mixed it with the mahogany to give a nod to the Beretta brand.

Although primarily a clothing store, Beretta wished to display firearms and hunting knives. The presentation and the security of the items presented a concern for Harrods but with careful and comprehensive measures we were able to provide a fully secure retail environment. A bespoke gun cabinet was required. We designed this unique case that fulfilled the stringent specification given to the client by Harrods.

Beretta Cap in Harrods | Yellow