Interior Design Services

Yellow provide a full range of interior design services from concept to completion.

Concept Design

Concept design is the first stage in any project and provides the initial stepping stone in our interior design services. We work with the client to understand the fundamentals, including the required facilities, basic space planning and style required. 

The process allows the client to see broad design ideas which we present in the form of layout plans, elevations, mood boards and sample boards (which communicate key material choices). If required, we can set up an online space to share ideas in a more informal, collaborative manner.

The concept design stage often provides a basis for the client’s feasibility study or business plan and we can advise on adapting schemes to fit different budgets.

We approach every project with flexibility and we understand that concept design can be used for different purposes. For example, if the client is a  business seeking to attract investment for a new hospitality brand, their requirements will be distinctly different to a refurbishment of an existing office. Whatever your requirements, please feel free to give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss your project with absolutely no obligation.

Yellow Interior Design Services | Concept Design
Yellow Interior Design Services | Space Planning

Space Planning

Great space planning is the foundation of a functional and attractive interior. Optimising the space you have, without crowding or creating dead areas can be a tricky process and one we have heaps of experience in! 

We love finding smart solutions for awkward areas and designing flexible options for fluctuating workforces or ever-changing retail establishments. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, making the most of your commercial property is vital and the world of work is changing. 

The advent of hybrid working has transformed offices. Retail premises have had to adapt to the dominance of online shopping. Since COVID-19 customers don’t want to be millimetres away from strangers in restaurants. We keep on top of these trends so we can advise clients on future-proofing their schemes.

An initial investment in really understanding the options means you can make long-term decisions. Creative thinking can transform an otherwise awkward project. If you have a problem space we’d love to hear from you. There’s an elegant solution just around the corner.

Detailed Design

The detailed design phase, within interior design services, provides the information required by contractors to understand the extent of the project and cost the work to be done.

Depending on the scope of the project and the existing documentation regarding the building, the detailed design service can vary quite considerably. For example, it may require a full survey of the space, M&E (mechanical and electrical) plans and research into building regulations and conservation status. On the other hand, a simple fit-out can be costed with a detailed drawing and schedule of works.

We provide all the information required for the project including full surveys if required. We will produce a schedule of work and finishes and meet contractors on-site, issue drawings for tendering as well as assess the overall costs and adapt as required.

At this stage we also provide guidance on sustainability options, for example, we may highlight more ecologically sound products, opportunities to use refurbished furniture or suggest energy-saving solutions that could be utilised.

Yellow Interior Design Services | Detailed Plan
Yellow Interior Design Services | Project Management

Project Management

Managing the project from design to completion is key to ensuring the design is implemented on time and on budget. As part of our interior design services, we offer ongoing project management which includes:-

  • Instruction to contractors on behalf of the client
  • Programme of work
  • Schedule of work updates
  • Notification of variations
  • Principal Designer role – see below
  • CDM co-ordination
  • Account sign off
  • Snagging

Compliance in Interior Design Services

The building industry is one of the most highly regulated industry sectors. As interior designers, we have to ensure we understand when to seek building control and planning approvals. We are legally obliged to design with health and safety in mind. With both BREEAM & WELL training, we can advise on getting your property ready for certification.

We carry out planning and Building Regulations applications. We regularly submit planning applications to seek listed building consent and advertising control (signage). We will advise on whether or not a project requires planning consent and any other approvals. For more complex applications we will recommend an architectural practice best suited to the project.

We regularly work with tenants who need to seek landlord’s approval for a scheme, whether separately, or in conjunction with building regulation applications. We can advise on design decisions that will be more or less likely to receive approval and can negotiate with landlords on the tenant company’s behalf.

We work with professionals including M&E contractors and fire safety officers to ensure our projects are safe and fully compliant with current legislation and good practice.

Yellow Interior Design Services | Compliance
Principal Designer | Yellow Interior Design Services

Principal Designer

Health and Safety CDM 2015 regulations require clients to appoint a Principal Designer to manage the Health & Safety for any construction project. We are able to carry out this role where a Principal Designer has not been appointed by another member of the project team. To find out more about your obligation as a client, see the link to the HSE guideNeed building work done?.

A principal designer can be an organisation or individual who is appointed by the client (commercial or domestic) to take the lead in planning, managing, monitoring and coordinating health and safety during the pre-construction phase (design and planning stage) of a project involving, or likely to involve, more than one contractor.Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015

We have acted as Principal Designer on both projects that we have managed and as an external contractor. The title of Principal Designer can prove confusing. Please be aware that not all interior designers can or choose to take on this highly technical health and safety role.

Visuals & Animation

Visuals and animations help to bring our designs to life. We work with talented designers to visualise our schemes and can provide 3D models, animated walk-throughs and high-quality illustrations.

We’re currently working to develop our skills and utilise VR software allowing clients to fully immerse themselves in interior schemes before any work begins. We work with several property investment companies whose tenants would especially benefit from seeing designs before committing to a lease.

Increasing the capacity we have to create visuals and animation will also avoid unnecessary waste. Properties are often furnished speculatively in order to attract tenants. Although it increases the chance of them taking the lease, often the furniture becomes redundant and the tenant requires a redesign to fit their brand. Using AR and/or VR, would enable us to provide a really persuasive demonstration of the possibilities of a space.

If you have any questions about how to view schemes and how to present them to stakeholders and investors, do get in touch.

Visuals and Animation | Yellow


As part of our interior design services, we supply furniture, furnishings and accessories from trusted manufacturers and suppliers.

We have built good relationships with high-quality manufacturers that we know and trust. We prioritise UK manufacturers, those with good environmental records and established firms with solid supply chains.

As well as furniture supply, we also work with highly-skilled curtain and blind makers and fitters. Any soft furnishing element to the design can be provided by us, made to your requirements by our suppliers.

We can also source accessories for your project, from bespoke artwork for a head office to vintage bric-a-brac for a traditional pub. We work with artists and craftspeople as well as reclamation yards and buyers to ensure your interior has a unique finish.

Don’t forget plants! We can supply a range of artificial and live greenery for your space and put you in touch with a local plant maintenance company if required.

Joinery & Setting-Out

Sister company MACS LLP provide site surveys and setting-out for complex joinery installations and shop fronts. Julian and his team, take our detailed design drawings and prepare manufacturing / setting-out details.

Traditionally the costing of joinery elements would take place in the latter stages of a project. However, for dimension-critical items, such as a secure cabinet for a high-end retailer or a bespoke reception desk for a luxury hotel, it is important to assess costs early in the project. We are very happy to talk through a project and assess the scale of the joinery element.

If you have any questions about our interior design services get in touch. Please be aware that we don’t provide interior design services to domestic clients.