Established in 1998 by Alison John, Yellow provides interior design services across sectors. Working with clients and contractors we have provided interior schemes, planning and building regulation applications. On our own projects, we act as Principal Designer (Health & Safety, 2015). Our clients range from the Ministry of Defence to organic pop-up shops. Whether we are designing high-end retail establishments in Mayfair or industrial units in Hampshire, we provide creative, practical solutions with the needs of the client foremost in our plans.

Although environmental concerns have always been prominent in our minds, it has sometimes been a challenge to persuade clients of the merits of greener choices. Times, attitudes and priorities have changed dramatically in the last few years and we have made the decision to make sustainability a central focus of our schemes. We have invested in research to ensure we avoid greenwashing, make sound choices and pass our knowledge to clients. We have outlined our commitment to the environment and please have a look at our blog or contact us if you have any questions about the steps we are taking.