Hot Desking or Cool Working?
We created cool offices with our partner Bryant Interiors, for one or our clients below but the current trend is for a more informal flexible workspace.
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A snap shot of our collaborative design and fit out with Bryant Interiors Plymouth, for Castle Air Biggin Hill, in which we needed to be practicle and provide a spacious feel.  We created new offices, staff breakout areas and boardroom facilities.   Today's office environment needs to meet the requirements of the business as well as the individual needs of staff.  The current desire for flexible working, means offices are very different to the corporate spaces of 20 - 30 years ago.  Hot desking and shared working have lead to a market for hubs and flexible desking.  Take a look at our Pinterest Hot Desking board for some inspiration...

The Importance of Office Furniture Design
We have recently received details of a new furniture range from one of our suppliers, Hawkeswood Office Furniture and we’re so impressed, we wanted to share it with you too! Hawkeswood provide us with hassle free and cost effective furniture for our office spaces and has just launched a brand new range, Moventi, which offers a comprehensive range of furniture and accessories that not only look good but also deliver functionality and ergonomic qualities, essential to a productive workforce. Here we discuss how furniture ranges like Moventi are so important to creating a functional, creative and productive workplace.

Moventi is a collection of innovative and high quality office furniture and fittings which are designed to make your day to day working life hassle free and comfortable so you can focus on the task in hand and deliver first class results. From aesthetically well-formed desks with modesty screens and cable tidies to ergonomically designed chairs with a pop of colour for understated yet fun styling, the Moventi range will inspire creativity as well as meet the demands of a busy work space.
Improve Productivity
So how can furniture improve productivity? Well, according to studies, the most significant factor in determining an employee's ability to focus is the environment in which they work. Some even say that a well designed office can increase productivity by 20%. However, the importance of good office design and well thought out furniture is often overlooked in favour of cheaper options. We believe that if your staff feel comfortable both physically and mentally, they are much more likely to deliver the results you want.
Providing a relaxing and inspiring environment with furniture which makes your staff’s working day hassle free will make them feel valued and at ease giving them more energy to get creative and work to their maximum potential. It’s a win win for both staff and employer! For example, Moventi’s height adjustable desk system offers functionally which adapts to the user’s individual preference whilst its clean crisp lines exude simplicity, calm and serenity which will help them to do their job better.
Encourage Creativity
A workplace should inspire and excite. If you want your staff to be creative and be pioneers within your industry, give them an environment which heightens their senses and gives them the energy to generate big ideas. One way the Moventi range does this is to offer bright and colourful fabric choices. Clean, crisp white desks and tables can be combined with lime green and colbalt blue office chairs to escape the mundane, create interest and spark creativity.

First Impressions Count
If you want to stand out from your competitors, it’s important to consider how you look on the inside as well as the outside. Make sure your workplace matches your brand identity and values. This is not only important for your staff but also for your visitors. Wow your guests with an office that feels welcoming and well thought out. Don’t let yourself down with dowdy furniture from a second hand dealer! Create a modern look with simple lines and fuss free surfaces.
A busy and productive office needn’t be messy! The Moventi range offers some fantastic accessories which help to keep clutter to a minimum. From cable tidies to CPU holders, you can hide the clutter and maximise serenity within your workplace. Furthermore, desk accessories shouldn’t be an after thought. The Moventi Stura monitor arm can hold a 10kg screen as well as provide maximum movability but is also stylish with its modern white finish. It’s these little finishing touches which will really complete the look.

Create Comfort
Making sure your office furniture is fit for purpose is so important to your staff’s comfort whilst working. Chairs and tables should work in harmony to provide the best position to work in. Moventi’s large range of tables and chairs offers a variety of pick and mix options in a collection of finishes and sizes which effortlessly work together to provide ergonomic solutions which perform as well as look great.  See the full range at
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Joining Forces

When we met Wendy Martin, MD of Peter Green Retail in Chandlers Ford, at a networking event in Eastleigh, we found that we had a lot in common; we both had a large range of clients who wanted to outsource everything for their interior project from design through to completion. Wendy was looking to enhance the furniture contracts division of Peter Green by offering a design service and we wanted to offer our customers furnishing options for their projects; a match made in heaven!

Get Onboard

So, do you have a project that would benefit from using our new integrated design, building and furnishing service? Get in touch to discuss your ideas and we'll guide you through the whole process from design to completion.

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